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Be well.
Live well.

Unlock True Health In Minutes 


Our Most Popular Services

At Well Lab, we believe in the power of self-care. Our mission is to provide you with a safe space to relax, restore and rejuvenate. Come experience the peace and tranquility of our recovery wellness center.

SKIN CONDITIONS $65.00 Single Session. Includes one area.​

FACIAL $95.00 Single Session. Includes face & neck​

ACNE (BODY) $95.00 Single Session. Includes 1 area​

ACNE FACIAL $95.00 Single Session.​

​STRETCH MARKS / SCARS $95.00 Single Session.

HAIR REJUVENATION $65.00 Single Session.

CORE (TUMMY/STOMACH) $299.00 Single Session. Includes the sides (obliques).

NECK / CHIN $199.00 Single Session. Includes tightening & sculpting of neck & jawline.

ARMS $299.00 Single Session. Includes both arms as well as tightening of skin.

BACK (ONE AREA) $165.00 Single Session

THIGHS & HIPS $299.00 Single Session. Includes both legs and two areas per leg)

LEGS (SMALL AREA) $165.00 Single Session. Includes both legs. Either front OR back.

GLUTE/BUTT $199.00 Single Session. Includes both legs as well as a butt lift session with tightening & cellulite reduction.

PEC REDUCTION $165.00 Single Session. Includes both sides.

BRA AREA $165.00 Single Session. Includes both 

body sculpting pricing 

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